You big strong sexy mechanic you! Well, I have to confess, I’ve never been called that before, but read on and it might make sense!

Having said that about being sexy, if you look at any car show and shine posters, new car ads portray that sexy appeal in the transportation industry. Basically, meaning cars. In hot rod advertisements and magazines, you’d automatically think a truck mechanic is a sexy trade to be in, especially by looking at the photo above.

Do Mechanics Today Have That Sexy Appeal? Maybe. “But seen through my eyes!” “More than Likely A Big — NOT.”

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Many years ago, most high schools had a separate area called a shop with a car repair department, carpenters and a bit of household plumbing! If you weren’t good in a sewing class, baking or office-type profession, maybe you could get into a hands-dirty trade over the smarts.

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The general automotive atmosphere back then was repairing cars, fixing something, anything that moved. The top ten most-played songs on all radio stations were car-related, and girls loved the music and the hotrods.

It had a sexy atmosphere appeal.

Radio disk jockeys like the famous Wolf-Man-Jack and Halloween Martin made music sexy and interesting to listen to. Mushy songs of girls meeting sexy mechanics! “Well, that part is not totally correct.”

And that was my place of calling, an upcoming famous mechanic, “that’s the ticket,” but that was way back then! Today, there’s nothing in our trade that indicates a truck or car mechanic as being sexy or if we ever held that title! Well, that’s not true either so read on!

As the sexy truck mechanic myth has come and gone I’ve now hung up my tools for something different.

A Sexy Once Truck Mechanic Turned Blogger.

A truck mechanic by trade turned transportation article blogger by night. After writing many stories over the last few years, I have to confess. I haven’t found my niche drawing card, an attention grabber for the average reader. Transportation stories just don’t cut the mustard!

But the gist of this story is about this one reader’s comment. It’s not the subject matter per-se that’s not attractive to the reader; you should always “say something sexy in your story to entertain your audience”

Well, after bringing that positive observation to the foresight, that must be it. My newfound information venture starts here by adding sexy to my glamorous truck stories.

Sexy Truck Blogger vs The Web

I knew from the start with my newfound profession I would be in uncharted waters. Choosing this new career change is like, if there was a slid-ruler of life, they would be on opposite ends of the scale. But I’ll preserver and do better now with my newfound advice.

Transportation Is Not High-Up There In The Most Wanted Looked For On Google,

Doing Google research on the top ten subjects to write about, cars, trucks transportation, in general, is not high up on the web most wanted lookup list. In fact, there is not a scale don’t go down that low. But if I start adding sexy that might swing the bots around in my favour.

The sexy truck mechanic turned blogger, that’s it…nice ring!

How would I incorporate that metaphor in my service manual article on rebuilding an old Cummins V-555 “Triple-Nickel” engine? I’ll say something sexy in my article” The sexy looking truck mechanic rebuilding that big old heavy engine. Nah I don’t think!

So I’ll give it one more go and write. This Sexy truck mechanic reads specs on torque values of your truck engine. Nope, and then I tried incorporating just sexy mechanic, sexy mechanical engineer, well that didn’t work. Or the new wave and sexy heavy equipment Technicians. Yeah, that’s got it!  Got suggestive things written all over the article…NOT!!!

I'm sexy Joke
I’m sexy Joke

But the rude reality is, other than most ladies look sexy in uniform or coveralls. Men truck mechanics to my knowledge have never been called, sensual. So incorporating sexy in my article didn’t work and, back to the drawing board, I went. Write a story on “how to make a million dollars in three easy lessons.” Well, that at least got your attention, too bad, that’s a subject I’m not too familiar with.

“Anybody want to read a “really sexy service manual on your BMW M760i Sedan” … not!”

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