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“Women Wanted” Drive Big Truck

The Word Is Out, The Trucking Industry Needs More Drivers, Question is, are you up to the task?

Why would you want to drive a truck anyway? Is it the fame, the glory, perhaps the freedom of the road that hooked all the men? Or if we’re talking about woman drivers, can it be as simple as those fancy and sexy-looking trucks specially designed for them in minds?

 But most women say, it’s the liberating freedom feeling of driving big trucks.

One driver from Australia commented; Once your truck is loaded you are your own boss, with no one looking over your shoulder. The long haul is a lonely life, but that’s the work I enjoy the most – time to really think and with no phones ringing, no phone service.

So there you have it! I say it’s a combination of all. And besides that, there’s money to be had for any good truck drivers.  “Driver Shortage: Women To The Rescue” one ad reads!

But My Story in Drive Big Truck “Women Wanted” Start Here.

It’s not brain surgery to know that the transportation industry especially the trucking end of the spectrum is hurting good truck drivers. That part is not a secret! But as the many drivers want ads you see, many articles emphasize there should be more women truck drivers in the industry.

Why do they emphasize women when if anybody can do the job –your hired?

Here is a Comment From Another Other Woman Truck Driver.

One lady high miler put it this way. We are as good a driver as any man and then proceeded in her comment, that just because you have a penis, does not make you a better driver.

Well, gentlemen, consider yourself, told!

Can women, in general, make good truck drivers a skeptic asked? Interesting question, eh!? But I guess you should ask a lady trucker Clarissa Rankin or all the others that have taken up the trade. So realistically, can women help out with the truck driving job shortage, I guess they can and they’re signing up in droves

And while you’re at it, ask them another question. Do women make good heavy equipment operators, pilots, or any other trade that supposedly “once was dominated by men?”

What do you think their answer would be?

But you don’t have to go any further than look into any history book on the war years.

Who do you think operated all the machinery in plants, making bullets for the war effort? Welding and assembling army tanks! Who do you think tested those airplanes that just come off the assembly line?

“Does it fly,” one would say, well she says, we’ll find out? They kept the home fires burning with very little acknowledgement.

We can Do It Poster.

Or The Lady In The Photo That Was Building Army Tanks During The War. We can do it was the slogan.

Housewife one day and more than capable of building machinery the next! Would that be proof enough?

So can women be good truck drivers, hell YEAH!

But through all fairness there is a slight downside; lady drivers occasionally get harassed by their counterparts.

According to Trucking Info less than half of women truck drivers (42%) report they had been sexually harassed while on the job.  In a recent study, 92% indicated that they had experienced at least one behaviour associated with sexual harassment.

But As The Author Of This Story Here Is My Take On Woman Drivers Simply Put This Way; “If You Can Do The Job, You’re Hired, Simple.”

Photo compliments of  “Maine Folklife Center”

WANTED we need more woman drivers.

Do we need more lady truck drivers, not necessarily, but we need more drivers — period. Male’ female, if your pet dog could drive a big truck, he’s hired.

I’m trying to come off different from other articles because the why is question of whether it’s a man woman, black or white keeps coming up.

Seen Threw My Eyes, as long as you keep bringing up a gender difference there will always be barriers, if you can do any ”man’s job” simply, you’re hired!

In a Kelly Clackson TV episode, she had a big rig driver Clarissa Rankin as a guest speaker. She is the same lady truck driver that takes videos of her driving truck and has over a million tick-tock-women followers on her channel. Even though I’m sure she has a man following on her site I would bet that it mostly concentrates on the women audience.

Yes, the industry needs more truck drivers to keep up with the ongoing demand. While all of this is great and the big push for lady truck driving jobs. Whether your long haul, dump truck, short delivery, pin to pin to a shunt driver, the whole industry is crying for help, and if you can do the job, you’re hired.

One other article reads; what can we do to change the environment and increase the number of female truck drivers? That Takes Me Back To my thinken “If You Can Do The Job, You Hired, Simple!

But today’s thinking is totally accurate and the unfair assessment of the men “dominated” the industry.

A few years back they were the only ones wanting to drive the long-haul trucks at the time. In a single cab doing overnight delivery, the drivers put a board across two seats to sleep as a bed. Away from his family for days was a way of life then, it was a job know body wanted. One driver said; you know thanks to my wife she brought up all the kids without me being there to help. He was somewhat quilt ridden in saying this but, that was the time.

The message here was it’s not all rosy. The mothers, and the wives as history shows stayed home a brought up the families. But today is a different day and different time.

Male Dominated Trade Would Be A Somewhat Unfair Assessment,

Today is a different world in the trucking industry in terms of equipment, safety and the way the industry is operated as a whole. Trucks coming off the assembly line have special features added for the woman drivers. Like ergonomically designed seats adjustable armrests, hood lift/closure assistance mechanisms, and automatic transmissions.

More than 1.4 million people in the U.S. alone work as truck drivers and here are 50 Tips to make the experience safer and more rewarding on the highway.   CLICK HERE.         

“If You Can Do The Job You’re Hired.” Jump In And Go, “Keep It Between The Ditches Is All We Ask” If You Are Qualified To Do The Job You’re Hired.

photoshop by D Wettlaufer

Web Statistics of women in the trucking industry!

In Canada, roughly 3% of truck drivers are women. And according to a Women in Trucking survey that was conducted in 2019. Women made up more than 10% of truck drivers in the US which was an increase from 7.8% in 2018. With the likes of Truck Driver Clarissa Rankin and her tictok channel endorsing more women in the trade, the number will likely climb. We have to bump that number up to equal the men in the labour force one said. Why?

But the word of caution, no matter how they glamorize their newfound career, as a person in the trade for a long time, it’s not all fun and roses.

Commented Lady Long-Hauler Trucker

Barbara from Cambridge

Yes, we can! I am only 5 feet 1 in, and I have been over the road since 2010. When the recession hit and I lost my job like million other people, I changed careers to attend truck driving school. I was the only person from my class to achieve the CDL at the first shot and with all endorsements. Seven years later, I got awarded as the safe driver for 1 million accident-free miles. You see, women can be successful and happy in this once men-dominated trade!

Last comment

More husband and wife teams, Couples, Two person Team Drivers are entering the workforce. The advantage of this is they can be classified as true long haulers.

They can in reality just point them in a direction and from there another direction. Their home is their truck. Couch, tv, all the conveyance of your living room right in your bunk. Seen through my eyes, that’s the secret of making good money.

Male, Female, your dog if he’s qualified to drive a truck. If you can do the job, you’re hired!

And, In The Very End, It A Guy Like Me,

And in the very end, the telltale signs are repairs, damage accidents.. That’s where I come in as a fleet manager with years of experience and my repair department. Neglect and premature part failure and damage to equipment are signs of a good, bad or ugly driver, Male or Female!

Have a good day and keep it between the ditches.

photoshop by D Wettlaufer

Thanks For Reading.

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