It all started with this question on Quora. This is a popular website where you ask a question and — if anybody is qualified will answer back.  This question started me down this path, ‘Why would you want to be a truck driver?’

Well, this inquiry was right up my alley, being this website you’re reading on is a site devoted to anything transportation related. I was compelled by my trucker buddies to answer this question and, it goes like this.

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Why would you want to be a truck driver?

Being in the transportation industry for many years and having known a lot of truck drivers. So, there are many reasons for a person wanting to be a high-miler, but if I go way back in time, one reason stands out. If you couldn’t find a job could always be a truck driver. If you didn’t graduate from high school — you could always be a truck driver. 

Now that’s not the case anymore, today you see University graduates driving trucks, and you see bank managers tired of the hum-drum office environment.  driving truck. The same holds true with taxi drivers, but I have to clarify those myths. It’s not uncommon to find newcomers to this great country with a Ph.D. credential, Doctors of Medicine and through government bureaucratic bullshit cannot find employment in their given trade.  So, my point is, it’s not uncommon to find many truck drivers and taxi drivers that are highly educated and skilled individuals with credentials listing the length of their arm.

The freedom of the road is addictive even for the educated.

But the best one that still holds true today and that is, the freedom of the road, seeing new parts of the country.

Here is your destination the dispatcher says and here is your brand new Peterbilt ride with a bunk that’s the size of your apartment living room– Now … get your ass out of my office and hit the road … Jack!

Today, they’re not high school drop-out anymore, most of these drivers are well-educated people, but the freedom of the road is the hooker. That feeling you can’t put into words.  

There are school teachers, Ph.D., engineers, housewives, and husband and wife team drivers. All walks of life diving trucks and, there is still a big shortage of drivers, ‘who would have thunk!’ What’s not to like about the freedom of the road?   Except, — Too Many Cars!

sexy lady, sexy truck driver
sexy lady, sexy truck driver

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