Mechanic/blogger has to completely change the way of thinking.  The web operates so differently than the art of twisting wrenches.

After writing my first blog article called “Mechanic vs Computer Guru” which brought in a staggering 5000 visitors for the first month, I think I got it. With the large visitor count, I was finally on the right track to stardom. Not knowing at the time whether that was good or bad but it was a high number. Like all of us silly people, the high number must mean it was good, better than ten in comparison.

But only when I do months or a year comparison do I really know whether the number was good, bad or ugly.

Truck Mechanic Turned Blogger, is that too farfetched.

800 words 3.5-minute read

If the mechanic turned writer’s purpose was to sell the product on the web, you need lots of people on your website and, the higher number is what you strive for.  Again there is not a high number, more is always better to sell things and the general exposure. “So you never have enough.”

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Statistics show, that only 2 percent of the people visiting your site will click on a paying ad.  And that’s two people out of a hundred and that was a big maybe.

But can a can Truck Mechanic be a good blogger? I think yes. But the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”

The Mechanic vs Computer Guru article was about fixing and repairing and a daily wrench twister turned blogger.

 Well, some people just can’t get their heads around that dirty mechanic vs computer Guru thingy. But the world has completely changed and what wasn’t yesterday is now the new norm and, that goes with anything.

Taking up writing on the web and learning the lingo, a little HTML, a little coding and your-reaka, I think I got it. The high visitor count on that story shows  I wasn’t alone in trying to decipher the web. Most people over 50 still have trouble understanding the web. It’s a young-person world I’m venturing in.

Truck Mechanic Turned Blogger With Interesting Transportation Stories.

But in the conclusion to the first story Mechanic vs Computer Guru I said, I’ll get it, and in the second part I said, I think I got it. And that’s a maybe.

So I hung my tools up for a desk job writing and blogging about my vast experience as a transportation technologist/underwriter truck mechanic, and that’s what brought me here.

Can an ordinary Truck Mechanic become a good enough writer to rub shoulders with the best like Steven King? Well maybe, I think I set my sites a little high, but I’ll just have to try a little harder and then that could be a maybe!

Like the first version, I mentioned things are done quite differently on the web today than pulling wrenches. The FDR or PDF file is corrupt or 404 codes keep popping up, so lingo is still a challenge.  I spend more time finding what all these codes actually mean and then proceed to isolate the problem.

So as the first part expresses the challenge I had to go through to do this newfound adventure, after four years the second part shows, that just when you think you understand, they change the rules on ya.   

I also learned that having interesting and valuable information to share with readers, is only a small fraction of knowing what to do with it afterward, that’s the challenge.

Even a good tradesperson starting his lifelong dream company like (Daves Trucking Service,) if he’s not a businessman. It will be a challenge.


Recap what this truck mechanic has learned from writing blogs.

  • Write about what you know best is the best advice given.
  • Having valuable information to share with the readers is only a small part of the equation of being a good writer or blogger. 
  • So years later, with hundreds of blog articles and four e-books under my belt, I think I finally got it. But as I go through my daily routine, I find I  just scratch the surface of the Wonderful World of the Web. I still have many things to learn and I hope I have enough time.

But at the end of my new profitable blogging career, all I have to do is look at my revenue statistics, “That’s The Tell-Tale Sign Of My Hard Work.”

Can a Mechanic turned blogger be a good writer? Well, I might have to consider going back twisting wrenching.

Stay tuned, I have many more fun and informative Transportation articles still to come.

So can a Mechanic turned blogger be an alternative to twisting wrenches, you decide and please leave me a comment. Good, bad or ugly.

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