It’s that time of year for you truck drivers so, get ready for your annual government road safety inspection.

     Popular trucker magazine “cdllife Link Here” had an interesting article that stood out from the rest. It was either an advertisement or maybe an out-and-out warning to all truck drivers. There will be an “across the board “safety brake blitz Article Here” starting that same weekend.”  (Across the board means= across the country)

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   Around the country, there are designated pullover spots where Government inspectors are waiting for any commercial vehicles that travel by. They will be inspecting the complete truck and trailer unit for any unsafe mechanical conditions. It’s mandatory for all commercial vehicles to pull into these sites when these safety inspectors or blitzes are set up.

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Here Is An Interesting Story out of British Columbia that relates to this article.

   An Inspector from Burnaby (British Columbia) said. During their recent truck inspection blitz, 50% of the vehicles pulled over failed their inspections. And that’s out of 147 vehicles. If you’re wondering, that is a really high number of unsafe vehicles on our highways.  But, that does not surprise me any after being around the industry this long.

   Now I don’t mind telling you that it brought back memories of when I was an emergency roadman. I saved the day for many of these drivers! I was the guy the driver phoned when their unit was impounded because of a safety infraction. As a road man I went anywhere and everywhere there was a breakdown or safety inspection casualty.

I would be the guy that saved the day for the out-of-service unit.  But the opening statement to this article by cdlife says. All commercial vehicles in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada must comply with the inspection,  and here is the date. August 21st through to the 27th of this year.  Now, that date has come and gone but rest assured there will be more blitzes and, more unsafe vehicles. The statistics will be the same as the ones in BC.

     Seen Through My Eyes “Medium Story Link”

This is Where This Story Really Begins.

     I’ve been around trucks and drivers, and matter-of-fact the transportation industry my whole life. These safety blitzes seen through my eyes should not be advertised. This personal opinion of mine will not get me any brownie points among my buddy truck drivers. But as a truck mechanic, having safe vehicles for our highways is what I do, or in my case today, — did.

       If you want unsafe vehicles off the road, why would you tell the industry we’re having a safety blitz on a certain date?  Truck drivers that are unsure of their vehicles and equipment or possibly just don’t need the hassle will find an alternative route.

     I suggest, just having a spontaneous safety pullover. That will do more good than not. Of coarse, that depends if you’re on the receiving end of a bad safety inspection.

      I always believed if the D.O.T.  wanted to clamp down on unsafe vehicles and not necessarily trucks but cars also, they should orchestrate the blitz at a moment’s notice. Only transportation inspectors would know what and when. Why advertise it? Send a “top secret memo” to all government transportation inspectors, “THIS IS THE DATE.”

    But maybe thinking about it, that could be part of the strategy; scare all truck drivers and fleet owners to make sure their equipment is up to safety standards.

       Now I Don’t Know About You Guys But, That Advertised Safety Blitz Was A Heads Up.  “If I was a driver, I’ll Just Find An Alternative Route.”

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  Here Is My Reasoning In Terms Of Safety On Our Highways.

   In my one-hour travel every day I’ll come across at least five vehicles with a light out. Sometimes even more!   

   I’ll pass a truck-trailer combo and you hear a distinct tire thumping sound, and that’s not a good sign.

    Mud flaps missing.  And all that is while driving towards them.

     The only vehicle I’ve never, never seen an issue with such as lights or any noticeable imperfections and understandably is, a “Police Cruiser”

     I see School buses with one head-light up and one facing down.

     Watching a Local Ambulance coming towards you, I would bet money on suspension problems when their vehicle is furiously bouncing over the bumps. This is all seen while driving towards them.

     My Last Comment

      According to the CVSA, brake violations comprise the largest percentage of all out-of-service vehicle violations cited during roadside inspections. According to last year’s International road check data, brake systems and brake adjustment violations accounted for 38.9% of all vehicle out-of-service violations. The most of any category of vehicle violations.

      To be honest, brakes are the most overlooked because there is no easy way of checking them but nonetheless, a vital part of a safety inspection.

Lights Out

In all fairness, many things can happen during a day’s driving. Lights could malfunction, frozen brake lines, and almost any other things can happen in 1300 km worth of driving. That’s why most diligent drivers do a walkabout after a pee-pee break or stop for a coffee.

     But the law states in most parts of North America. Every day you have to do a recorded circle check on your vehicle and check for any unsafe conditions.

      What happens when a Brake drum brakes? Sometimes the broken pieces inject themselves into the tires, and a blow-out accurse. You’ll notice a loss of air pressure due to the push rod extending out further than usual. The system will be using more air pressure. There will be no quick stopping under those conditions.  A good driver will notice immediately there is a problem.

     🚓 Brakes Out Of Adjustments Safety Blitz on this date.  Why? 🚓

     Department of Highway inspectors must have a good reason for advertising the safety blitz but, I never knew why. If their sole reasoning is to get unsafe vehicles off our highways, advertising where and when is defeating the purpose. Truckers will just travel around that area and find an alternative route.

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