I picked up an addition to the “Truck and Trailer.ca” newspaper and an advertisement brought me here.

Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo

Beautiful Northern Quebec is Canada’s best-kept secret. But this story is not necessarily about the province. Quebec holds the greatest truck rodeo in North America and it’s about to begin.

As luck would have it I’ve been Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo on many occasions and I still hear them calling my name. David, David come David. You know you deserve the holiday David.

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So grab your trucker buddies and go to the best truck pull/show you will ever see in Canada. (10-4) Check out this event and you’ll see for yourself, I promise you, it will not a disappointment.  And Notre-Dame-du-Nord is in beautiful Quebec Canada, The scenery alone is to ah-fore.

Now you ask, “What is Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo?”

This unique Truck Rodeo was the first event of its kind. The rodeo consists of two big highway trucks sitting side by side loaded with 45 tons of lumber. Drag racing up a hill with an incline of 12 degrees! And if that’s not enough happening at the truck rodeo, the Bob Tail. competition is another fun thing to watch. That’s where only two trucks without the trailers compete at a time. (Glorified Truck Drag Racing is what I call it.)

The Author at Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck RodeoTaking Photos

The Greatest Truck Rodeo in Canada

So to recap what to expect?

Silly truckers drag race their perfectly good and in some cases, brand new highway trucks up this big hill of 12 degrees. For you trucker want-a-bees, that’s an awful grade to be pounding gears.

Think about it, two trucks standing side by side, just torquing up their engines. Black smoke poured from exhaust stacks. The frames twist as these two silly “BUGGERS” drag race up this hill! And believe it or not without drive shafts falling off or flying U-joints.  That’s a sight of good, skillful truck driving.

SORRY, “It’s called a “TRUCK PULL”, not drag racing”?

Hopefully, I got your mojo working and you will plan to attend.

As this story might come across as a sales pitch, I assure you I’m not getting paid for the endorsement or free ticket to the events. Hell, I’m not even getting any brownie points from google for the review. And after saying that, Google might even dock me for this article being transportation-related.  

Anything transportation is not high on the most asked and searches for the list.

But, I’ve attended the truck rodeo many times and especially this time of year I hear Quebec calling my name. And reading the trucker’s news jogged the gray matter.

So now you know I don’t have a personal agenda, I’m just passing this fun event on to you hard-working truck drivers everywhere.

David, David come David. you know you deserve the holiday.  And, “yes I do!”

Did you also know besides having a good time, the event is giving away $ 150,000 in cash? Or a chance to win a 2022 Peterbilt 389 amongst all the other big prizes as per advertisement. What’s not to like?

Greatest Truck Rodeo event east of the Rockies!

Last but not least.

Beg, borrow or steal a camper, grab your buds or family and head up to the greatest show in North America. Did I say I’ve been to this fun truck rodeo with my trucker buds and rented an (RV) motorhome?  It’s not a silly thing to mention in my blog!

We zoomed up to the Notre-Dame-du-Nord truck rodeo, and the address, you guessed it, is in the village of (Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Que. Canada). Park the RV, open the door, and there you are, parked in the most serene, peaceful part of our country, well until the truckers start rolling in. And we all know they can be a rowdy bunch but they are hardworking people blowing off steam and this town unlike Ottawa welcomes you with open arms.

As the original advertisement states: The Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo is a fun tourist event related to and sponsored by various trucking industries and companies.

So this is where it’s at in beautiful northern Quebec Canada.

I forgot to mention, that there is a rule for you drivers that want to compete.

The number one rule at these events is do not tell your boss you’re drag racing his brand new Kenworth up a 12 % hill with fully loaded B Trains. Without hesitating you’ll be looking for a new job … (10-4)

Here is a fun ad from the United States that reads:

Coming back to the United States in 2022 is Quebec-style Uphill side by side Semi Truck drag racing. Meaning: (Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo.) Onaway Speedway will be holding the 5th edition of the Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge. (CLICK LINK HERE)

Another Fun note:

Did you know a rodeo commonly refers to riding horses/competition like the Calgary Stampede, but someone changed the rules and probably a trucker? Now it’s called a “truck rodeo/competition!”  And that works for me!

See You There at Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo!

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