American Pickers find hidden treasures in the most unsuspected places, can you? Under a pile of boxes, I found a Harley Davidson Motorcycle hiding for 25 years.

So, as you’re watching another episode of the American Pickers or watching the Canadian version of pickers it must cross your mind at least once. Where do these guys find their treasures?  My answer is, in a bush, barns, storage sheds, backyards of houses, word of mouth is the best and of coerce, last but not least, abandoned buildings.

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Did I mention farmers are considered either hoarders or collectors and, the jury is still out on that one? But you do have to wonder, what are they hiding in those unsuspecting barns with weeds growing up around the doorway?

Now don’t go beating yourself up over this dilemma because in all likely hood, unlike professional Pickers.  You don’t have a staff of people making phone calls like those dreaded telemarketers. People whose sole purpose in life is to follow up on leads, rumors, and hearsay.  Anything that’s been sitting around for any length of time, they want to know about it.

Who knows, if you listen to some of those rumors you might be lucky enough to hear about an old Harley Davidson Motorcycle hidden in a barn someplace.

RUMORS You Have To Love Um. The Saying Goes; “If You Don’t Hear A Roomer By 10 Am, Start One!” It’s An Ongoing Office Joke.

But through all fairness, I did hear a Harley Davidson motorcycle story over small bullshit talk, and over a cold brew at a local watering whole.

Harley Davidson barn finds, abandon, or just a garage find, all the same, but different. Read on.

This is how easy it can happen. After a hard day at work, a couple of buddies are having a well-deserved beverage at a local establishment. Just saying stupid guy things! One person says to the other, “You still got that old Harley in that garage?” Well…my trained rabbit ears went up!

“Yeah,” the other guy said, “someplace back in my garage” He’s talking about a 1980s Full Dresser Harley Davidson with an original sidecar that hasn’t moved a wheel in 25 years.  Yeah, someplace he says!!!


Now through all fairness, I knew about this bike 25 years ago and it was sitting a long time before then and I completely forgot it was there. At one point you could see it, but over time it just got lost among his other … buried treasures. 

 Stupid me, I knew about it!

But this person is a collector of ”everything” to the point he could be considered a borderline hoarder. He could even put a farmer to shame.

In one of my posts on hoarders, I think people that collect too many things are unfairly labeled by Medical Community as having a medical problem.

I think most of these people can’t stop collecting because “they have too much room.”  The bud that owns the Harley Davidson has too much room at his house, or I should I say— HAD.

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So, As I’m Sitting Here Stewing On a Barn Finds story To Write About, This Harley Davidson Is Staring at me All This Time.

1980s something Harley Davidson Full Dresser has hidden under all those boxes of rags, unfinished projects, anything, and everything.  I’m not even sure if he knows what all that stuff is hanging off the handlebars of his Harley.

Ah, but, he does know that the full-dresser Harley Davidson is under there someplace. 

So this is not really a barn find the story, it’s more like a — garage find, and this fully decked out Harley Davidson under all those boxes, It’s been sitting there for 25 years that I personally know of!

SEE, it’s all coming back to me now. And I knew it all the time and I completely forgot? But that’s how easy it can be to find your dream.

I Kid Him About His Wife (That Shows No Interest In His Collection) Would Speed-Dial For A Dumpster.

So, if he ever decided to sell his once cool ride, the new owner, well, he’ll never get it out of the garage, but that’s OK, my buds not planning on selling it any time soon.

But every once in and while I have to remind him, that heaven forbid, anything ever happened to him, the Harley Davidson would be first on the chopping block for liquidation,

That’s something stupid you could only say to somebody you really know. Maybe a cruel comment, but I was trying to get him motivated to use it or … lose it, “Well maybe a little on the cruel side”

So are Barn finds still out there? The American pickers seem to think so and, so do I. And, it could be right under your …nose.

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Special note;

At the time of writing this barn find the story, the fella in question’s wife says, CLEAN THAT GARAGE OUT, “use it or … lose it.” Well, that’s what I said. The garage is clean the Harley went to a collector and his garage is now empty waiting to be filled again.

A Pickers Dream Harley Davidson Motorcycle with a sidecar Barn Find sitting right under my nose for 25 years. ‘Who would think?’

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