The answer is yes, kinda and only in some provinces of Canada?  

The motorcycle helmet story starts here. The helmet law was implemented under the “Traffic Safety Act” in the early 60s by Dr. Eric Kung, a neurologist at Stanford Hospital specializing in head injuries. He was quoted as saying “Motorcycle accidents are some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury,” and or death.  Helmets can drastically reduce the force of impact on the brain and skull.

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So shortly after that time, helmets became law in Canada!

When riding your motorcycle on a public highway, helmets were mandatory and yes, even if you’re riding a tricycle it was recommended. You have to abide by the law.  “Wear a head/helmet it’s for your own safety and protection.”

But that was way back then and the information and the law are old and untrue today.

As you read this article, some might get the wrong impression that I’m picking on a specific group but rest assured I’m not. It’s NOT about the majority, minority or choice of religions. It’s not even about the helmet law per-se, it’s about equality for all. “This is at the root of our problems in Canada”

Women expect equality with their counterparts, the blacks in our society want equality with the whites and the first natives on this land want and expect the same. Equality.  And that’s your God-given right! But as you read this article you’ll see again, that the laws of the land change for different folks.

Some do and …. Some Do not. And that is the gist of the story!

So, Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet Mandatory In Canada?

Researching on the helmet law in Ontario.

 On listening to the national news a while back, there was a story about the safety of wearing helmets and the government’s attitude towards wearing a motorcycle helmet, and that led up to this story that starts this way.

Doing research there is already a few provinces in Canada that made an exemption to helmet law.

Some of the minority groups of our citizens in Canada are crying foul. They would like an exemption from the law, and the right not to wear helmets due to religious reasons. And it was just … “discriminatory” besides.

But you, the reader, remember this part: motorcycle accidents are some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury,” and or death.  It is also claimed to be a huge burden on the health care system in the country. 

So as some of the western provinces have already changed the helmet law ruling specifically for this group, but that information was in my original article. Since that time of first writing, there has been another major change — now Ontario has also followed suit with the helmet law rewrite!

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is quoted as saying.

“The safety of our roads will always remain a priority,” Premier Doug Ford said in a statement. “But our government also believes that individuals have personal accountability and responsibility with respect to their own well-being.”  So Premier Ford changed the helmet law in Ontario under the umbrella of the covid-19 pandemic. He said, we now recognize Sikh motorcycle riders’ civil rights and religious expression.

Specially Made Helmets For The Sikh Community

So is Motorcycle Helmet, Mandatory In Canada? “Only in some provinces!”

As I’m rewriting this original content, I hear over the radio another car/bike accident. Another motorcycle fatality on our highway!  I just cringe when I hear about these accidents! My daughter is an avid Harley Sportster bike rider and no matter how careful I know she is, they are people that just don’t see these motorcyclists.

As a one-time biker myself, times were simpler back then. Traffic just wasn’t as heavy. In that time period, there didn’t seem to be so many distracted people on the road.

Today I need four wheels under my body and If I feel the need for my hair to be floating in the wind, I’ll buy a convertible where helmets aren’t mandatory for anyone!

 And in the end,  motorcycle accident vs car, it doesn’t really matter who’s at fault. The motorcycle operator and passenger will be on the receiving end of 2000 pounds of metal coming down on them.

So there you have it, is wearing a motorcycle helmet mandatory in Canada? Only in some provinces and, it depends on which way the wind blows,  changes and making new laws.  A true Politician!

This short story is either Truth or Fiction about headgear, but you decide.

Working out of a trailer overflow parking area in Toronto, I repaired this broken-down truck and now I’m ready to leave for home. One of the drivers came into the yard wearing a baseball cap. Again that’s not unusual. But, he was a sheik driver from Punjab Province of India and he was always wearing a turbine. He must have known I was going to ask him and before I did he said.

 “As long as my head is covered” that works.

He looked rather different with a ball cap and a ponytail pulled through the strap in the back of his cap. But nonetheless, that answer made sense.  Even though it made no difference to me one way or the other!

Ball Cap Vs Motorcycle Helmet

I’m not versed in sheik religion and if I ever asked a question it would be for knowledge purposes only and for no other reason.

But his answer did bring me back to the helmet law and this biker helmet story. How far can you stretch a ruling? Can anybody stretch a story to suit the occasion? Sure everybody does. But to change laws for a gray area, now I have a problem with that. Because now it’s discriminating against the ones that do have to wear a motorcycling helmet.  Truth or Fiction about the head covering, well you decide.

A Must Read Apology.

To be clear, this article is NOT about the majority, minority or choice of religions. It’s not even about the helmet law! It’s about equality for all. “This two-tiered system is the root cause of our problems in Canada and maybe elsewhere in the world.”  “Some and not others”

Comment from my first article

Comment 1

Helmets can drastically reduce the force of impact on the brain and skull, said Dr. Eric Kung, a neurologist at Stamford Hospital specializing in head injuries.

Comment 2

“Motorcycle accidents are some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury,” he said. “Blunt trauma from an impact of the head with concrete can also cause severe cranial fractures, but with a helmet, the impact a head absorbs is milder.”

Comment 3

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration research shows riders who wear helmets are three times less likely to suffer brain trauma than those without them.

Raynald Marchand of the Canada Safety Council told CBC Toronto he is concerned about the risks the decision may bring. But, he doesn’t have to worry t any longer; it’s a done deal in Ontario thanks to Premier Doug Ford. 

Is Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet Mandatory In Canada, “only for some people.

And me, I’m only ranting. 

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