Hospital and Ghost Buster Car

My website articles are Transportation-Theme-Only. Classic Cars fall under this heading; however, Hospitals … could be a stretch. But in this case, it’s a must-read.

What Does a Classic Car Magazine and a Hospital Have in Common?

A Classic Car Magazine can be a refreshing read in a drabby old hospital environment waiting room. The mags are loaded with cheery pictures and unique car-related stories that most people can relate to. Far from the doom and gloom of normal hospital reading material!

Classic car Magazine and Hospitals is a must-read.

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This one particular moment in time this car magazine brought a little bit of happiness to people that just needed something positive to think about. As we all get older this story might make more sense, but this true story happened no less.

Classic Cars Read And A Hospital Visit, This Is How It All Started.

A family member had an appointment to see a specialist at a nearby hospital.  I volunteered to spend the afternoon with him and afterwards treat him to a cold beer.

We’re heading off to the local hospital and I’m just clearing the driveway when I remembered; I forgot something decent to read.

Classic Car Read

So, I picked up my all-time favourite magazine,  “Old Autos Newspaper,” Yup, it’s a classic car day for reading and catching up on the latest hot rods and off we go.

After finding a remote spot at the far end of the hospital parking lot I slipped my ride into the only hole that I could jam my car into.  Then we proceeded in the direction of the main building and then the overcrowded waiting room.

As we entered, I noticed that you could hear a pin drop. Visually scanning the room I noticed these people certainly had other things on their minds.

A Classic Car Magazine is  A Good Hospital Read.

As I’m sitting there I opened up the Old Auto Classic Car Newspaper. And then you could almost hear the room come to life. I thought I was disturbing these folks with my rustling of the newspaper, so I looked up and apologized for making so much noise.

Then I noticed, they weren’t looking at me at all, it was my Classic Car Newspaper they were interested in.

The lady on my right woke up from the ruffling of the paper and said, “I used to own one of them” as she pointed to a picture of a 1952 Hudson four-door… something.

1952 Hudson Web Photo

“And my brother she says,” took two years to overhaul his 62 Corvette just like that one, as she pointed to in the picture.” The guy to my left of her said, “I had one of the sports cars.”

Oh yeah, she was a beauty.

The lady across from me tried to read the backside of the newspaper, but I knew that would have been an impossible task. At that point, I’m noticing all these people come alive from their deep and worrisome thought. Reading this newspaper was the last thing on my mind.

I just took out the swap meet agenda section and laid the classic car newspaper down among the doom and gloom literature you normally see.

After laying the paper down, it was immediately scooped up by a lady across from me that tried to read it upside down. A few minutes later, she laid it down, and it immediately got pick-up by someone else across the room.

I couldn’t help but notice all the interest these people had in my old paper. Taking a second look, clearly, these folks had other things to worry about, but I knew deep down that these photos of old classic cars were part of their past. And indeed probably much better times.

Momentarily, those people in the waiting room troubles were gone.

The gist of this story is that this classic car newspaper brings not only great informative information to the collector and auto enthusiasts.

But most importantly, even for a short period of time in that hospital, the Classic Car Newspaper brought much-needed smiles and precious past memories to those unfortunate people that had an uncertain future.

” Their looks and smiles that day were priceless”

Today I was thinking of my brother and thought I should refresh my original content called; “What does Classic car Magazine and Hospitals have in Common” Now you know!


Even though these car magazines are in my estimation a good read, the joy this particular one brought to the hospital waiting room was priceless.

In Loving Memory of my brother Jack who was my swap meet partner and friend. He got bad news that day.

RSP my Brother