A 50/50 Draw At A Car Club Event Brought In 19,000 Dollars For Charity.

This brainstorming article was originally a recruitment ad for our club but quickly changed in a different direction. As the header explained, recruiting members and volunteers for charity events, or even our club might prove to be a slight problem.

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Fundraising groups and non-profit organizations like ours are paralleled in one major factor. We all do Charity work and bring much-needed resources to our community! After doing web research around the heading of charity or none profit community groups, they all mention their membership, and volunteers are way down these last few years and, that’s not a good thing.  Nobody really knows why there’s no interest in volunteer work but, there will be direr repercussions if that trend doesn’t swing around.

WARNING, — we need volunteers!

 A web article from a prominent newspaper warned; “If you think of all of the things non-profits and charities provide in communities if you take away even 20 percent of them, it will dramatically affect the quality of life for many people in those communities.”

From outside the box looking in, are we going about this recruiting thing all wrong? Should we be making a list of all the good things charitable organizations or car clubs do for our community?  Take for example this event:

One Swap Meet Event Brought In Thousands Of Dollars For The Needy.

This is still fresh in my mind from this past weekend’s Automotive Swap Meet and it started this way. After parking at the furthest point of their cow pasture called a parking overflow, I eye-balled the number of cars and people walking around. It looked to be a good turnout from my vantage point.  Not knowing what the dollar value was from the host car club but whatever it was, went to their much-needed local charity,

So here is my Question, “how do we recruit new members for car clubs or, for any charity group that is in the same dilemma with a shortage of volunteers?” We have to keep this fundraising momentum going?  Remember if you take away even 20 percent from last year it will dramatically affect the quality of life in those communities that so depended on it.”  Nobody seems to be aware of the consequences of not having these worthwhile charitable groups doing what they do.  The theme is not about car clubs per-se’ however, we are in the same boat, looking for members.

But, These Examples Show What Happened Without Volunteers.

At a popular automotive swap meet a 50/50 draw was put on by a Fish And Game Conservation Organization. They estimated bringing in over 100,000 dollars in a 10-year span. The private event organizer that owned the property closed its doors last season and now, that much-needed charity money has dried up.

Another Example;

A local car club of 60 years and the last 30 of them hosting special car events. That brought in thousands of dollars for the Children’s Wish Foundation. They skipped this year due to world conditions, and, they might not come back next year. These two canceled events mentioned will be felt long after you remember the club’s names. Millions of dollars a year are generated by these groups for the needy and the less fortunate.

A Popular Belief Is That Car Clubs Only Fix Old Cars, ‘But, Not So Fast Amigo’ We Do More Than Fix Fancy Cars. Large Amounts Of Money Are Generated By These Car Enthosiest Like In The Story Above.

Car Clubs Do More Than Overhaul Classic Cars And Make Them Look Real Pretty.

Charities and a 1934 Buick Sedan

Without money from these organizations and their charity events — food banks would run out of donated food … badly needed money to keep the lights on will dry up, and women’s shelters and hospitals will suffer from a lack of donations. Missions, shelters for the homeless, and soup kitchens are always looking for volunteers and extra money to keep those doors open. With these charity organizations gone it will be a different place tomorrow.

Without Volunteers And Members Donating Their Time, Many Things Will Change. 

Take for example this Canadian Superhero contribution called the Terry Fox’s walk or, run for the cancer society. It’s organized by mostly volunteers, and, money comes in from charitable organizations that donate to the cause. That same party brings in an estimated $20 million annually in donations. That disease affects at least someone in your family. 

All charities are run by mostly volunteers, people just like you.  Always keep this in the back of your mind. Without volunteers, there would be no money for cancer research.

The Red Flag Is Up Folks. These Charities Organizations Are Slowly Declining and they need fresh new members.

As our car club is doing a recruitment drive for new associates, young and old, looking to expand their knowledge from hard-working individuals from all walks of life. We are in direct competition with other worthy causes and organizations doing the same, — looking for members.  There is a saying from years ago. “Most of us are only 3 paychecks away from being in the same boat as some unfortunate people in our community.” That should be a wake-up call for most of us.’  and, if that doesn’t work … ‘three delinquent mortgage payments and the bank has every legal right to foreclose,’ ‘three!’ Now that’s — a wake-up call.

   Donate Your Time or Money For A Good Cause.

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   Final Comment: At a four-day automotive swap meet event, a charity 50/50 draw was held, the one lucky winner took home $19,000 winnings and the other $19,000 dollars collected went to a charity.  It’s not necessarily about the individual taking home that kind of money, it’s what went to charity. That means your share of winnings was $19,000 take home. Not too shabby. What happens when you take that kind of money out of the charity circle? Even this simple money-making solution you don’t see much anymore. does this have to do with people not wanting to volunteer? … maybe.

Car Club Closed and Up For Sale

   A public Survey Shows, 1 in 5 Ontario non-profits organizations could be forced to shut down by end of the year,

Car clubs do more than overhaul classic cars and make them look real perty, we help our communities.

Thanks for asking, I didn’t win the $19,000 on that 50/50 raffle.

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