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Month: July 2022

Classic Car Magazine and a Hospital Read

Hospital and Ghost Buster Car

My website articles are Transportation-Theme-Only. Classic Cars fall under this heading; however, Hospitals … could be a stretch. But in this case, it’s a must-read.

What Does a Classic Car Magazine and a Hospital Have in Common?

A Classic Car Magazine can be a refreshing read in a drabby old hospital environment waiting room. The mags are loaded with cheery pictures and unique car-related stories that most people can relate to. Far from the doom and gloom of normal hospital reading material!

Classic car Magazine and Hospitals is a must-read.

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Can A Kingpin On A Highway Trailer Be Repaired?

There’s been debate amongst professionals whether welding a kingpin and resizing it to spec would be a safe practice.

Here is an interesting thought that’s been tossed around by owner-operators and trailer mechanics. Can you refurbish a kingpin without removing it from the bolster plate on a trailer?  Theoretically, weld up a worn pin and grind it smooth to original specs. Well, that’s the thought.

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Customer; Why Do You Charge So Much?

Garage owner sideswiped by a customer’s comment!

I’m Scanning social media sites for some of my old-time friends and colleagues from our apprenticeship days. I heard this rumour they occasionally hung out at these places.

It didn’t take me long to come across a pal from our good old hot rodding days. As it turned out he is an automotive swap meet gypsy, like myself.

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Truck Mechanic Turned Blogger  

Mechanic/blogger has to completely change the way of thinking.  The web operates so differently than the art of twisting wrenches.

After writing my first blog article called “Mechanic vs Computer Guru” which brought in a staggering 5000 visitors for the first month, I think I got it. With the large visitor count, I was finally on the right track to stardom. Not knowing at the time whether that was good or bad but it was a high number. Like all of us silly people, the high number must mean it was good, better than ten in comparison.

But only when I do months or a year comparison do I really know whether the number was good, bad or ugly.

Truck Mechanic Turned Blogger, is that too farfetched.

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Motorcycle Helmet Mandatory In Canada?

The answer is yes, kinda and only in some provinces of Canada?  

The motorcycle helmet story starts here. The helmet law was implemented under the “Traffic Safety Act” in the early 60s by Dr. Eric Kung, a neurologist at Stanford Hospital specializing in head injuries. He was quoted as saying “Motorcycle accidents are some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury,” and or death.  Helmets can drastically reduce the force of impact on the brain and skull.

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The Greatest Truck Rodeo in Canada

I picked up an addition to the “Truck and” newspaper and an advertisement brought me here.

Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo

Beautiful Northern Quebec is Canada’s best-kept secret. But this story is not necessarily about the province. Quebec holds the greatest truck rodeo in North America and it’s about to begin.

As luck would have it I’ve been Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo on many occasions and I still hear them calling my name. David, David come David. You know you deserve the holiday David.

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Flying Truck Wheels Hit My Vehicle

What can I do if wheels fell off a truck and came toward my car?

The flying wheel syndrome happens so fast, that the average person virtually has no time to react. And as a trained technician in the transportation industry, I put the blame on poor maintenance as the reason.

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